These two similar and splendid valleys have a common entrance that has united them since antique times. Indeed, the heart of Val Belviso was Carona, at the centre of Val Caronella.

To reach Val Caronella it is necessary to pass from San Giacomo, Teglio and, as Belviso and Bondone, this valley is initially narrow but, higher up, it opens brightly. It is dominated by the majestic Torena Mountain, that touches three thousand metres. Next to this mountain you can admire the imposing Gavazza Peak (2410 m), Fraitina (2567 m) and Caronella (2796 m).
The valley offers trekking itineraries suitable for everyone and fascinating panoramic views.
In these fantastic places deer, chamois and roe deer live quietly.
The ancient, little village of Carona is inhabited only in the summer months and is home to the small,
15th century Saint Omobono’s church.

Val Belviso...the name makes you already guess one of the characteristics of this valley...its beauty!!
The valley is known as a “hanging” valley: this means that it has a narrow ravine while, at higher altitudes, it shows a wide plateau. Val Belviso can be reached from Aprica and it is on the western border of the Park.
The lush vegetation is very dense: there are Norway spruce, larche, birch and, higher up, alpine pastures where you find the yellow Arnica montana – wolf’s bane, the delicate Gentiana punctata – spotted gentian andTrifolium alpinum – alpine clover. These are characteristic species in the territory.
Moreover, the valley holds different and unique environments that permit a lot of different fauna to find perfect living conditions.
Surrounded by larch woods, that in autumn are painted in gold, admire two splendid lakes: the dark Lake Nero and the bright Lake Verde. Val Belviso can be recognized also for the giant Frera dam that creates the impressive artificial Lake Belviso.
The valley has always been frequented by humans and this is confirmed by singular prehistoric cup marks, found next to the Lake Nero.