Val Caronno


Val Venina, in the territory of Piateda, branches into four smaller valleys, each one with its own uniqueness: Venina and Ambria on the western branch; Caronno or Scais and Vedello on the eastern branch.
In Venina Valley, there are some of the highest peaks of the Orobie Alps, loved by off-piste skiers: Redorta Peak (3038 m) and Scais Peak (3038 m). Also the two brilliant glaciers of Porola and Redorta.
In this valley, the environment is alpine and, at the highest heights, you can meet cunning stoats and ermines, delicate rock ptarmigans and fast white hares.
In the past, the territory has known intense mining exploitations of iron and became an important rich trading crossroads.
The Vedello hydroelectric power station is also important, the huge Venina dam, Scais dam, the decauvilles (railways) and the gallery that links the valley with Livrio.
Venina Valley is reached by following the road from Piateda, which leads to Vedello until the junction: left leading to the village of Agneda and Caronno Valley, and Ambria on the right.
Once passed the village, you arrive first at the quiet artificial Lake Scais, then at Caronno  Alp. The two most important hamlets of Venina Valley are Ambria and Agneda, both historically and architecturally very interesting because of their churches of Saint Gregorio and Saint Agostino.